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MTV The Challenge History

This page is dedicated to the history of MTV The Challenge


A ranking of the top 40+ male and female competitors on the show over the past 37 seasons and will include the spinoff Challenge : All-Stars.  The ranking reflects the performances on the field and do not carry any bias towards people who are funny or mean spirited.   The scores are the challengers best four seasons multiplied by three and then added to their career score

Johnny Bananas Devenanzio

Johnny is a 7-time Challenge Champion winning on

The Island
The Ruins
Battle Of The Exes
Free Agents
Rivals III
Total Madness


This page will show all the past champions of The Challenge and is updated to the current Challenge season.  Take a look in the past and see who is a Challenge Champion.  Sean Duffy would become the shows first 2-time champ.  Sarah Greyson would become the first champ to have five elimination wins in a season.  Darrell Taylor would become the first challenger to win his four seasons and Aviv and Darrell would be the first pair champs.  Jodi Weatherton and Wes Bergmann became the first solo champs for their respected sexes.  Cara Maria Sorbello would become the first solo champ of both sexes

Real World vs Road Rules : The Beginning

This page will be dedicated to reviewing each of the early seasons of the show and was Real World vs Road Rules through the first Gauntlet and Inferno


This page has all your favorite challengers and when they are born.  Beth Stolarczyk was born on Valentines Day while Emily Schromm was born on Christmas Eve.  The Duel champion, Jodi Weatherton was born on April Fool's Day but she made all the other girls on that season look like fools trying to compete with her

Memorable Moments

Relive some of the most memorable moments in Challenge History from the Bananas Backpack to Devyn and her funeral for her wig.  This is a top 40 list of some of the more iconic moments.  Some moments were left out for obvious reasons

The Unbothered Family

We have a facebook group called "The Challenge : Unbothered" which is a spoiler group covering everything about The Challenge including the flagship show and all the spin-offs.  We also have an entertainment group called "Entertainment Unbothered".  We have a Cara Maria Sorbello fan page as well as a cooking group that we share recipes and talk about everything food related.  Click on the Unbothered page if any of this interests you.  We also have a podcast which you can click the link below if you have spotify