Scoring Explanation

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How The Challengers Score Is Created

Here I explain the Tonz Challenger Score (TCS) to create the Top 50 Male and Female Challengers in the history of The Challenge

Tonz Challenger Score

Fans of the show love to do their Mount Rushmore of the greatest challengers from the show.  To take bias out of the equation and just go on performance, I created the TCS (Tonz Challenger Score) to help rank the Top 50 malke and female challengers of All-Time

TCS is a scoring system that puts strong emphasis on each challengers four best seasons.  I watch every episode and have a scoring setup that has no bias and awards the same points for anyone who accomplishes one of the tasks.  Each challengers gets a final score for each season


Take the Challengers best season and multiple by 5
Take the challengers second best season and multiple by 4
Take the challengers third best season and multiple by 3
Take the challengers fourth best season and multiple by 2
A challengers fifth best season counts once and all seasons after that are only half value

Example - (Mike "The Miz" Mizanin

Mike made five appearances on The Challenge making four finals and winning twice.  He also has 29 daily wins and (2-0) in eliminations
His seasons score like this
Inferno II = 1.80 points
Battle of the Seasons = 1.40 points
The Gauntlet = 1.15 points
The Inferno = 1.05 points
Battle of the Sexes 2 = 0.35 points

His best season (Inferno II) is multiplied by 5 so 1.80 x 5 = 9.00
His 2nd best season (Battle of the Seasons) is multipled by 4 so 1.40 x 4 = 5.6
His 3rd best season (The Gauntlet) is multiplied by 3 so 1.15 x 3 = 3.45
His 4th best season (The Inferno) is multiplied by 2 so 1.05 x 2 = 2.1
Mike did one more season so you add in his 0.35/2 = 0.175 to get his final score
9.0+5.6+4.45+2.1+0.175 = 21.33 TCS score

How do we rate each episode/season? - We separate the points based on solo/pairs/team seasons

Win a solo season = 2.00 points
Win a pair season = 1.50 points
Win a team season or finish 2nd in an Overall winner season = 1.00 points

Finish second in a solo/pair season or 3rd in an Overall winner season = 0.75 points
Finish 3rd in a solo/pair season, 2nd in a team season or 4th in an Overall winner season = 0.50 points
All others who make the finals or finished in 3rd but did not make the final = 0.25 points

Win a solo daily = 0.15 points
Win a pair daily = 0.10 points
Win a team daily = 0.05 points
Win an elimination = 0.20 points

Bonus Points may be awarded if their is a second place or in cases of someone being MVP or winning a life shield. Also in eliminations that are in pairs, 0.05 points might be taken from one challengers and given to the other if they were the main reason for winning the elimination (Example Wes/Kenny beating Brandon/Ty on Rivals or Rachel/Aneesa beating Tyrie/Jasmine on Battle of the Exes). A bonus 0.10 points might be added to the elimination loser if the match was epic (Joss vs Derrick) and challengers will be penalized 0.10 points from their score if they quit/DQ from show

Add up the points from each episode to get a season score for each challenger