Real World vs Road Rules (Seasons 10-18)

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(Season 10) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Inferno II

The Inferno II is the second of The Inferno series, with the original Inferno airing in 2004, and The Inferno 3 following in 2007. The show aired in 2005, and took place in Manzanillo, Mexico. This challenge was the same as The Inferno, except this time each team was allowed to choose only one "Inferno nominee" from the opposite team. This nominee had to win the "life shield" to save him or herself. The contestants in this challenge were grouped into two teams of "Good Guys" and "Bad Asses", representing the "heroes" and "villains" of their respective seasons

Host - Dave Mirra

CHAMPS - (Good Guys) - Darrell Taylor, Jamie Chung, Mike "Miz" Mizanin, Landon Lueck

RUNNER-UP - (Bad Asses) - Abram Boise, Chris "CT" Tamburello, Derrick Kosinski, Rachel Robinson, Tina Barta, Tonya Cooley, Veronica Portillo

Other Good Guys Cast - Shavonda Billingslea, Julie Stoffer, Brad Fiorenza, Jodi Weatherton, Robin Hibbard, Jon Brennan
Other Bad Asses Cast - Dan Renzi, Karamo Brown, Beth Stolarczyk

Memorable Moments

  • When Beth informed Robin that Tonya had told her about a romantic fling she had with Mark Long, Robin berated Tonya in front of the house, branding her a whore and a liar. Tonya then confronted Beth and when she refused to divulge the details of her conversation with Robin, Tonya threw Beth's clothes in the pool. Beth quit following the incident with Tonya in the fifth episode, claiming that she did not feel safe
  • The Bad Asses were enraged when they found out the Good Guys had plotted to change their vote depending on which girl was picked, and they ganged up on Jodi (who was sent in and chose Veronica), causing her to break down. While Jodi went on to beat Veronica in the mission beforehand, she was unable to defeat her in the Inferno
  • Abram went berserk when Tina suggested that he had an alliance with Mike, throwing a glass bottle across the house
  • Rachel, Tina, and Veronica harassed Tonya throughout the entire challenge, eventually giving themselves the nickname "The Mean Girls"
  • Following Abram's narrow victory over Brad in the Inferno, he got into a brief, but fiery argument with Darrell
  • After losing a heated wrestling match in which Landon was considered victorious (and Derrick suffered an ear injury) many of the challengers drew on Landon's back while he was passed out. When Derrick saw what was going on, he and CT decided to shave a spot on Landon's head, who after awaking and discovering it, chose to give himself a mohawk
  • Brad's famous atomic wedgie on the bus where Mike and Landon assisted.  Brad went into a rage saying "Now it's a necklace"
  • Mike was chosen three times by the Bad Asses to go into The Inferno but twice won the life shield and once was saved by Landon who won the life shield
  • More Moments - Lando Commando
  • Hookups - Mark & Tonya (Pre); Miz & Jodi; Landon & Tonya; Landon & Shavonda; Derrick & Tonya
  • Inferno Eliminations - Dan beat Jon; Tina beat Robin; Landon beat Karamo; Veronica beat Jodi; Abram beat Brad; Tonya beat Julie; Landon beat Dan; Tonya beat Shavonda

Final Challenge - This is called Montezuma's Revenge which is a triathlon which consists of three parts
Part 1 - Jump off a boat and swim to boats, use keys to unlock oars and row 2K to the shore
Part 2 - Unlock bikes to do a 10K bicycle race
Part 3 - Unlock a box to get running shoes and run a 5K foot race to the pit where you must solve a riddle to get inside and be the winners

(Season 11) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Gauntlet II

The Gauntlet II marked T. J. Lavin's first time presenting the series, regularly hosting the program from this season forward. Prior seasons only used temporary hosts. The season is the second in the Gauntlet series, with the original Gauntlet airing in 2003–2004 and The Gauntlet III following in 2008. The Gauntlet II aired in late 2005 and into 2006 with 32 contestants and took place in Trinidad and Tobago. The teams were designated Veterans and Rookies, based on the number of prior Challenge seasons on which each cast member had competed. Those on the Veterans team had been on at least two prior seasons, and those on the Rookies team had been on fewer than two seasons. For this season, a male and female captain were determined at the beginning of the season. After each team challenge, the losing team captain was sent to the "Gauntlet", where they would face an opponent of the same sex and same team who was voted into the Gauntlet by the respective team

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - (Rookies) - Alton Williams, Jamie Murray, Landon Lueck, MJ Garrett, Randy Barry, Ibis Nieves, Jodi Weatherton, Kina Dean, Susie Meister

RUNNER-UP - (Veterans) - David Burns, Mark Long, Timmy Beggy, Aneesa Ferreira, Julie Stoffer, Katie Doyle, Robin Hibbard

Other Rookies Cast - Jillian Zoboroski, Jeremy Blossom, Cara Zavaleta, Adam King, Danny Dias, Cameron Eubanks, Jo Rhodes
Other Veterans Cast - Derrick Kosinski, Brad Fiorenza, Beth Stolarczyk, Syrus Yarbrough, Montana McGlynn, Ace Amerson, Ruthie Alcaide, Jisela Delgado, Adam Larson

Memorable Moments

  • For this challenge, a male and female captain were determined at the beginning of the show based on physical prowess in a King of the Hill type of game. However some chose to use rock-paper-scissors to decide who should be the last one standing
  • Jo made her first appearance in a Challenge, marking her first return to MTV in eleven years, and quickly caused controversy in the first episode. She called the police to escort her out and leave the show after she found being in the house with 31 other cast members intolerable
  • After the Rookies lost the second challenge, Kina picked Cameran for the Gauntlet. Cameran voluntarily lost, feeling Kina would be a better captain than she would. Many of the Veterans were astounded at this, especially after Derrick and Adam L. fought so hard in the previous Gauntlet. This led to an argument between Cara and Aneesa, with Timmy mimicking Aneesa's rant behind her
  • Danny harbored intense hatred towards his former Road Rules cast member Jodi, due to his belief that she manipulated the cast into voting him off. After being called out in the "Moving Pyramid" challenge, Danny lashed out at Jodi, which then led to Alton pulling Danny into the Gauntlet. He went on another tirade, claiming he would easily defeat Alton in the Gauntlet, but was beaten in a humiliating fashion. Jodi recounted at the reunion that Danny then suffered a painful medical crisis after he returned home, and that after she called him to talk about the events of the challenge he hung up on her
  • When Beth reveals to Robin that Jodi had told her that Mark, who Robin was seeing at the time, said he was in love with her, she confronted Mark, who became so angry with Robin that he punched the bus and walked home
  • While her team hoped she would be eliminated as soon as possible, Beth defeated both Ruthie and Montana in "Reverse Tug of War" Gauntlets. Both of her opponents stated that Beth had the advantage over them because she weighed more than they did
  • After losing a challenge, Beth quit the Beach Brawl wrestling challenge against Aneesa, claiming it was "against her moral values", thus leading to a segue in which host T.J. Lavin stated, "I thought I told you to quit two weeks ago when the other quitters quit". The other cast members speculated that she was afraid of losing to Aneesa, who was praying for the Beach Brawl challenge. At the reunion, Beth defended her decisions, while Timmy said that the team's anger with her stemmed from her history of performing well for stretches and then not trying when she didn't feel like it
  • Jamie was mistakenly cast as a Rookie when he had previously been on two challenges
  • Other Moments - "I'll cut you with words", Vet girls baking cookies, 976-WHOLE-LOTTA, Mark's wild birthday party, Bad Beth and Beyond
  • Hookups - Kina & Randy (Couple); Mark & Jodi (Pre); Alton & Jodi; Jamie & Cara; Alton & Aneesa; Jamie & Montana
  • Gauntlet Eliminations - Derrick beat Adam L; Alton beat Danny; Ruthie beat JIsela; Alton beat Adam K; Beth beat Ruthie; Derrick beat Ace; Beth beat Montana; Derrick beat Syrus; Kina beat Cara; Alton beat Jeremy; Derrick beat Brad; Kina beat Jillian; Timmy beat Derrick

Final Challenge - Bet Your Booty Final is a three stage final where you have 250 Pirate Gold Doubloons to place a bet on each challenge.  Each challenger can only compete in one of the challenges and whoever has the most Doubloons is the overall winner.  The three challenges were Eating 12 pounds of Roti, a Pirate Memory game, and a sand sprint relay race.  The Veterans bet 248 Doubloons on eating the roti and when they lost, they conceded victory to the rookies because Aneesa was not going to beat Landon, MJ, and Alton in a relay race

(Season 12) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : Fresh Meat

Prior to the season, each of the 12 newcomers (referred to as "Fresh Meat") participates in a series of challenges to test their skills. Each alumnus selects one of the rookies of the opposite sex to be their partner for the entire season, using the stats from the pre-season challenges. In odd-numbered episodes, teams participate in a challenge. (Challenges are sometimes called "missions.") The winner of the challenge has immunity from going into Exile, and selects one team to go into Exile. They also get the chance to pick the order in the next challenge. The remaining teams get together to vote for the other Exile team; the winning team and their pick for the Exile are not present during the process. Each individual gets a vote, and voting is not secret. The team with the most votes is picked to go into Exile. In even-numbered episodes, teams participate in another challenge. If one of the two teams picked for Exile wins the challenge (sometimes referred to on the show as winning the "pardon"), they can select another team to go into Exile in their place, however, they cannot pick the team that won the previous challenge as that team has immunity. They also receive a prize and will get to pick the order in the next challenge. The challenge of this episode is followed by the Exile. Exile is a race between two teams. Unlike the elimination games of other seasons of The Challenge, the remaining teams do not watch the battle between the two Exile teams. The Exile teams run a course and whoever crosses the finish line first stays, while the other team goes home. Along the way, there are two optional puzzle stations where, if the puzzle is solved correctly, they will get a prize that will benefit them in the race (such as dropping their bags or taking minutes off their total time.) To make matters more difficult, each member will be carrying bags equal to the weight of the luggage they brought to the Challenge. A car picks them up and they are taken, blindfolded, to the race course. Once the car stops, they must jump out and go on with the race. Both team members must cross the finish line, but it doesn't matter who carries what bags. Initially, the final challenge was to consist of four teams, with first-place winning $250,000, second place $30,000, third place $20,000 and fourth place winning nothing. However, due to the medical disqualification of Team Coral & Evan, host T. J. Lavin explained to each team in Episode 11 that the final challenge would consist of three teams, with all finalists winning money

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - Darrell Taylor & Aviv Melmed

RUNNER-UP - Kenny Santucci & Tina Barta

THIRD PLACE - Wes Bergmann & Casey Cooper

Other Alumni Cast - Derrick Kosinski, Theo Vonkurnatowski, Shane Landrum, Coral Smith, Katie Doyle, Tonya Cooley, Johanna Botta, Melinda Stolp, Danny Jamieson
Other Fresh Meat Cast - Diem Brown, Chanda Sneed, Linette Gallo, Evan Starkman, Eric Banks, Johnnie McBride, Jesse Stark, Ryan Kehoe, Evelyn Smith

Memorable Moments

  • During the filming of Fresh Meat, Diem Brown secretly revealed to her partner Derrick Kosinski and Aviv Melmed that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During the Fresh Meat reunion show in 2006, MTV donated $5,000 to her then-charity organization liveforthechallenge. In June 2012, after six years of remission, she announced that she was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. Shortly after successful completion of chemotherapy in February 2013, she competed in The Challenge: Rivals II. However, one year later, while filming her eighth (and final) challenge, Battle of the Exes II in Panama, she collapsed on set and was immediately air-lifted to a New York-area hospital, where she was subsequently diagnosed with cancer for a third time, though she kept it hidden for two months prior to filming. Brown died on November 14, 2014, at the age of 34
  • Weight of Bags (Challengers Luggage) that each team had to carry - Wes/Casey (113 lbs); Johanna/Jesse (133 lbs); Darrell/Aviv (140 lbs); Danny/Evelyn (150 lbs); Melinda/Ryan (156 lbs); Tina/Kenny (164 lbs); Shane/Linette (171 lbs); Theo/Chanda (186 lbs); Derrick/Diem (215 lbs); Katie/Eric (216 lbs); Tonya/Johnnie (253 lbs)
  • Prior to the "Batten Down The Hatches" challenge in Episode 11, Coral & Evan were removed from the competition due to their injuries. Evan initially suffered a ruptured hernia in Episode 7, and defied doctor's orders throughout the next three episodes, while Coral had a severe breathing problem and suffered a kneecap injury after the "Human Ox-Pull" challenge in Episode 10
  • Other Moments - Cheeky Monkey's Bar; Costume Extravaganza Party
  • Hookups - Wes & Johanna (Couple); Danny & Melinda (Couple); Derrick & Diem; Evan & Coral
  • Exile Eliminations - Wes/Casey beat Danny/Evelyn; Wes/Casey beat Melinda/Ryan; Wes/Casey beat Johanna/Jesse; Wes/Casey beat Tonya/Johnnie; Tina/Kenny beat Katie/Eric; Wes/Casey beat Shane/Linette; Tina/Kenny beat Theo/Chanda; Darrell/Aviv beat Derrick/Diem

Final Challenge - The final race is called Miles of Exile which is a 10-mile sprint along the beach with teammates roped to each other and having to encounter several checkpoints and solve two puzzles. 
First Checkpoint - Each team has to run outside of buoys through the water to the next checkpoint. 
Second Checkpoint - A "peg-jumping" puzzle station which every failed attempt adds a 25 pound bag to their empty duffle bag and three failed attempted means they carry all 100 pounds. 
Third Checkpoint - A military crawl under military style posts and you must drag your duffle bag with you. 
Fourth Checkpoint - You must carry your partner and the duffle bag to the next checkpoint. 
Fifth Checkpoint - A stick square puzzle in which teams must make two equal squares by moving just four sticks.  Solve it on the first try and drop your duffle bags but each attempt after lowers the amount of weight you can drop and then it is a race up the mountain side to the finish line

(Season 13) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Duel

Each player participates in numerous challenges (sometimes called "missions"), which are followed by an elimination round — "The Duel." The challenges can involve either members of the same gender competing against each other, or groups of both men and women competing against each other. Each challenge has a male and a female winner, and is alternatively designated as either a male or a female Duel day. The winner of the gender not entering the Duel is awarded a prize, while the winner of the gender designated for the Duel is safe from the possibility of having to enter the Duel. The immunity winner begins the Nomination process by picking a member of the opposite gender, who then selects a member of the original gender. This process continues until there is one person remaining of the selected Duel gender of the day; this remaining person is assigned to compete in the Duel that evening. The selected player then challenges a player of the same gender to go against him/her that night, for the exception of that day's daily challenge winner, and randomly selects from one of four cards held by the host T. J. Lavin to determine the Duel game in which the two players will compete. Note that this selection process occurs immediately after the challenge, unlike in other Challenges, where there is a period of deliberation between the end of the challenge and the selection of the contestants for the elimination game. The loser of the Duel is eliminated from the game and is sent home. At the end of the season, there will be four contestants left — two of each gender. For each gender, the first-place finishers will each win $150,000

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - Wes Bergmann (Male) & Jodi Weatherton (Female)

RUNNER-UP - Brad Fiorenza (Male) & Svetlana Shusterman (Female)

THIRD PLACE - Chris "CT" Tamburello (Male) and Aneesa Ferreira (Female)

Other Males Cast - Evan Starkman, Eric Banks, Derrick Kosinski, Nehemiah Clark, Kenny Santucci, Tyler Duckworth, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio
Other Female Cast - Diem Brown, Kina Dean, Robin Hibbard, Beth Stolarczyk, Casey Cooper, Paula Meronek, Tina Barta

Memorable Moments

  • No female Duel was held in Episode 2, after Tina was disqualified from the competition following the "Ring Toss" challenge for punching Beth
  • Beth and CT were disqualified from their respective "Push Me" Duels, after improperly unhooking the flag from the carabiner
  • CT was the first male player to retrieve 10 flags in the "Dine-N-Dash" challenge. However, he was disqualified for not grabbing a flag at the first pole, after host T. J. Lavin explained in the rules that failing to grab the first flag would result in a DQ. Therefore, the male player with the next highest amount of flags retrieved — Evan, was declared the prize winner by default
  • The "Paddle Me" challenge in Episode 15 was designated as both a male and a female Duel day. Jodi and Wes both won immunity and a prize for winning this challenge. All other competitors were automatically nominated for the Duel. CT and Svetlana came in second place in this challenge, and earned the right to select the Duel they wanted to compete in against Aneesa and Brad, respectively
  • Robin questioned Aneesa and said she was confused about who she was with her race and sexuality.  Aneesa would beat Robin in an Ascender Elimination
  • Diem had some wonderful moments in this season like competing without her wig for the first time and also her first kiss with CT in her battles with cancer
  • Other Moments - The Drama Mafia; Tenderoni; First ever pole wresling
  • Hookups - CT & Diem; Beth & Nehemiah
  • Duel Eliminations - Tyler beat Bananas; Derrick beat Tyler; Aneesa beat Paula; Nehemiah beat Kenny; Robin beat Casey; Eric beat Nehemiah; Svetlana beat Beth; Wes beat Derrick; Aneessa beat Robin; Brad beat Eric; Svetlana beat Kina; CT beat Evan; Aneesa beat Diem; Brad beat CT; Svetlana beat Aneesa

Final Challenge - A race called "The Rio Deal" where each player attempts to kick five penalty-shot soccer balls into a soccer net past their opponent.  Whoever kicks the most balls past their opponent will get a two-minute headstart for the race. 
First Checkpoint (Brazilian Blocks) - Each player must carry four large cubes to their designated puzzle piece stations and correctly solve the puzzle in 30 minutes. 
Second Checkpoint (Teeter Totter) - Each player must use rocks to counterbalance their weight on a "teeter totter" for five seconds after this is a footrace to the designated flag for the win

(Season 14) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Inferno 3

The competition consists of a series of team and individual challenges (sometimes called "missions"), with an elimination challenge known as the "Inferno." At the end of each challenge, $10,000 is awarded to the winning team that will be banked into the team's bank account. Odd-numbered challenges are designated as team challenges (for the exception of Episode 15), while even-numbered challenges are designated as individual challenges. At the end of team challenges, one player from each team is nominated by the opposing team for the Inferno, depending on gender. If a gender-designated player who was nominated for the Inferno out-performs his/her respective teammates on the individual challenges, that player is awarded a Life Shield, and is required to replace himself/herself with a teammate of the same gender in the Inferno. If a player who was not nominated for the Inferno in a team challenge wins a Life Shield in the ensuing individual challenge, that player has the option as to whether or not to replace himself/herself in the Inferno with a teammate of the same gender. Each Inferno alternates between male and female. The winning players from the Inferno will rejoin their respective teams and stay in the game for a chance at a share of $150,000, coupled with the accumulated money earned from the team and individual challenges, while the losing players will be eliminated from the game

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - (Bad Asses) - Abram Boise, Derrick Kosinski, Evelyn Smith, Janelle Casanave, Kenny Santucci, Tonya Cooley

RUNNER-UP - (Good Guys) - Ace Amerson, Alton Williams, Cara Zavaleta, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, Paula Meronek, Susie Meister

Other Bad Asses Cast - Aneesa Ferreira, Jenn Grijalva, Danny Jamieson, Tyrie Ballard, Chris "CT" Tamburello

Other Good Guys Cast - Davis Mallory, Timmy Beggy, Colie Edison, Rachel Moyal

Memorable Moments

  • Before any challenges took place, CT was disqualified from the game for punching Davis in the face. Derrick was brought in as CT's replacement
  • At the "Smash House" inferno, Timmy broke all of his glass panes plus the last pane first. But TJ delivered the news that Timmy actually missed a pane of glass. The win was then given to Abram, and Timmy was disqualified and sent home
  • Following the "Captain's Chair" challenge in Episode 13, the players voted both male and female Inferno nominees. The male Inferno elimination was held after the "Hook Me" challenge and the female Inferno elimination was held after the "Nothin' But Net" challenge
  • Other Moments - I Hate Tonya Club; Johnnie's Blowup Doll; Ace gets slapped by Susie; Tonya is married; Susie & Tonya rivalry
  • Hookups - Kenny & Jenn; Tonya & Davis; Janelle & Alton; Derrick & Jenn
  • Inferno Eliminations - Alton beat Tyrie; Jenn beat Rachel; Davis beat Danny; Jenn beat Colie; Abram beat Timmy; Susie beat Jenn; Derrick beat Davis; Paula beat Aneesa

Final Challenge - The final challenge is a race revolved around the idea of "The Big Five" which is reference to the top five animals for hunting in the region.  The challengers will carry puzzle pieces throughout the mission and accumulate more as they go to form different animals at each puzzle.  The first puzzle is a Water Buffalo, and then the challengers swim across a lake with their puzzle pieces.  The second puzzle is a Leopard and after the teams will begin digging through a pit with a gurney at the bottom that will help them carry the puzzle pieces to the third puzzle which is a Rhino.  The fourth puzzle is an Elephant and the final puzzle is a Lion where the puzzle pieces are hanging overhead in a net and players from each team must stay within the designated safe zone in order to untie the knots which will release the puzzle pieces.  Once completed, the teams can run to the finish line for the win

(Season 15) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Gauntlet III

The competition consists of a series of team challenges (sometimes called "missions") with an elimination challenge, known as the "Gauntlet", following each of the team challenges except the final. Each team challenge puts the team of Veterans against the team of Rookies. Prior to the challenge, it is announced whether males or females will compete in the Gauntlet following the challenge. After each team challenge, on a male Gauntlet day, the winning team selects a male member of the losing team to protect from the Gauntlet and another male member to send into the Gauntlet. The losing team then selects one of its own males to go against the person picked by the winners. On a female Gauntlet day, the players protected and sent into the Gauntlet are females. After the two players for the Gauntlet are picked, host T. J. Lavin spins a wheel to determine which challenge will be played in the Gauntlet. The loser of the Gauntlet is eliminated from the game. In this season, minor prizes are awarded after each challenge to the team members that were not vulnerable to elimination in the following Gauntlet; i.e. on challenges before male Gauntlets, prizes are awarded to female members of the winning team, and vice versa. The grand prize is $300,000, which is split among the remaining members of the team that wins the final challenge. No player can be saved from the Gauntlet on two consecutive opportunities. (For example, if the Veterans win the sixth challenge and save Johanna, lose the eighth challenge, and win the tenth challenge, then they cannot save Johanna from the tenth Gauntlet; even though they aren't two consecutive female Gauntlets, they are two consecutive opportunities.) No Gauntlet challenge is played twice consecutively (see "Gauntlet games" below). This season differs from The Gauntlet 2 in that the teams do not have captains. This season differs from most prior two-team Challenges in that there are no bank accounts; prize money is only given for the final challenge

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - (Rookies) - Frank Roessler, Jillian Zoboroski, Johanna Botta, Nehemiah Clark, Rachel Moyal, Tori Hall

RUNNER-UP - (Veterans) - Adam King, Brad Fiorenza, Chris "CT" Tamburello, Diem Brown, Eric Banks, Evan Starkman, Evelyn Smith, Kenny Santucci, Paula Meronek, Robin Hibbard

Other Rookies Cast - Ryan Kehoe, MJ Garrett, Melinda Stolp, Derek McCray, Zach Mann, Janelle Casanave, Tyrie Ballard, Brooke LaBarbera, Tyler Duckworth, Angel Turlington, Alex Smith

Other Veterans Cast - Danny Jamieson, Katie Doyle, Casey Cooper, Coral Smith, Beth Stolarczyk, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio

Memorable Moments

  • Following the "Over The Edge" challenge in Episode 7, Coral withdrew from the game due to her outcast status on the team, being abandoned by former friend and ally Evan, and being voted into the Gauntlet against Evelyn. Casey volunteered to take Coral's place and was eliminated by Evelyn
  • Tyrie withdrew from the game at the end of Episode 3 due to a family emergency back home. MJ was brought in as a replacement prior to the "Push It" challenge in Episode 4
  • Upon beginning game, a opening Tug of War challenge was held. This challenge was for the reward of superior accommodations at the house. This challenge did not determine any Gauntlet nominees
  • Due to the Rookies having one less male player than the Veterans, Derek was selected and competed twice in the "Screw You" challenge
  • The Veterans beat out the Rookies in the final challenge, but were disqualified after Eric collapsed and was sent to the hospital midway through the final race. Host T. J. Lavin explained that a team would only win the "Army Strong" final challenge if each player was present at the end. Therefore, the Rookies won the "Army Strong" final challenge by default
  • Gauntlet Eliminations - Nehemiah beat Alex; Jillian beat Angel; Frank beat Tyler; Jillian beat Brooke; Evan beat Bananas; Jillian beat Janelle; Frank beat Zach; Corel beat Beth; Ryan beat Derek; Tori beat Melinda; Frank beat MJ; Evelyn beat Casey; Nehemiah beat Ryan; Paula beat Katie; Adam beat Danny

Final Challenge - This was an Army Strong Final Challenge that started out by jumping off a yacht half a mile off the Mexican Riviera with a key.  Every player has to jump off the yacht and swim to the shore and the remainder of the race will be a footrace containing checkpoints along the way and every member of the race must finish the race.  Each checkpoint contains a key that is needed to unlock instructions for further checkpoints. 
First Checkpoint - Each player must jump into a large ice tub in order to retrieve 20 pieces of a puzzle and after they solve the puzzle to get a key.  At this point, the players are connected together by chains for the remainder of the race. 
Second Checkpoint - Each team had to unscrew an oversized wing nut until it has been removed off a track, which contains a key to the next checkpoint. 
Third Checkpoint - Sliders puzzle where you slide the pieces around to form a puzzle. 
Fourth Checkpoint - Man Overboard where teams have to advance on a sled pulling a rope and moving from one side to the other. 
Fifth Checkpoint - I Did You challenge where the teams must dig deep through the sand in order to retrieve a treasure chest that contains a flag.  Raise the flag to be declared the winners

(Season 16) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Island

The contestants are "stranded" on an island, the objective of the challenge is to construct two boats that they will eventually use to reach a nearby island where the buried treasure of $300,000 is actually hidden. Once the boats are complete, only eight key-holders will be allowed to board and compete in a 4-on-4 race to get to the buried treasure. At the beginning of each episode, materials to build the boats, food, information about the boats and some luxury are air-dropped, it's up to the contestants to decide how the food will be divided and to assemble the pieces and make sure their vessels are seaworthy. They will then have to choose 3 contestants to go into a face-off. In order to get one of the keys to be in the final race and have a shot for the money, contestants must risk it all in this three-way face-offs. After each face-off, the winner receives a key, the losers get a chance to speak in front of every contestant as should why they should stay in the island, the contestants (except for the winner of the face-off) vote on who should leave the island. In the case of a tie, the winner of the face-off will decide who leaves and who stays. However, the rules of the challenge are given to the competitors as the challenge advances, and the way to get the keys can change at any moment. At the end of the season, the eight key-holders will have to divide themselves into two teams of four, build their boats and race to the island where the buried treasure of $300,000 is hidden

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - (Red Boat) - Derrick Kosinski, Evelyn Smith, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, Kenny Santucci

RUNNER-UP - (Blue Boat) - Jenn Grijalva, Paula Meronek, Robin Hibbard, Ryan Kehoe

Other Males Cast - Dunbar Merrill, Dan Walsh, Cohutta Grindstaff, Tyrie Ballard, Abram Boise, Dave Malinosky

Other Females Cast - Johanna Botta, KellyAnne Judd, Colie Edison, Ashlii Robson, Rachel Robinson, Tonya Cooley

Memorable Moments

  • The Island was the first time we saw Johnny as the “alpha” man on a season and also a serious case of misogyny as he saw him use a constant barrage of "shut up you dumb bitch!".  It is a show that is probably the most cringy to watch later on
  • Abram was climbing a tree and was stung by a serious of wasps that left marks all over his body and a fat lip
  • Face-Off Eliminations - Abram beat Kenny/Tonya, Tonya voted off; Derrick beat Johnny/Abram, Abram voted off; KellyAnee beat Robin/Rachel, Rachel voted off; Paula beat Jenn/Ashli, Ashli voted off; Evelyn beat Dan/Tyrie, Tyrie voted off; Bananas beat Derrick/Cohutta, Cohutta voted off; Ryan beat Johanna/Colie, Colie voted off; Evelyn beat Dan/Johanna/KellyAnne, Dunbar, Dan,Johanna, and KellyAnne are left on The Island

Final Challenge - Separated into two teams of four challengers, they must build their boats and race to the island where the treasure is there for the winners

(Season 17) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Duel II

The Duel II follows the same format as the original Duel challenge, with the main difference being that each round of play features a male and female elimination. The specific differences are as follows following differences: The male and female winners of the main challenge are both immune to entering the Duel. Together, the winners will start the selection and must agree on one person (regardless of gender) to potentially save from the Duel. The first person chosen then selects a player of the opposite gender, and so forth. The last male and female cast member that are not chosen will both compete in the Duel, select a competitor of their respective gender to go against them, and randomly select from one of five cards held by host T. J. Lavin to determine the Duel game, in which the players will compete. Unlike the original Duel season, there is a period of deliberation between the end of the challenge and the selection of the contestants for the elimination game. At the end of the season, there will be six contestants left to compete in the final challenge — three of each gender. For each gender, there will be a first-, second- and third-place finisher. First-place will win $100,000, second-place will win $35,000 and third-place will win $15,000

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - Evan Starkman (Male) & Rachel Robinson (Female)

RUNNER-UP - Brad Fiorenza (Male) & Brittini Sherrod (Female)

THIRD PLACE - Mark Long (Male) & Aneesa Ferreira (Female)

Other Males Cast - Landon Lueck, MJ Garrett, Derek McCray, Dunbar Merrill, Eric Banks, Isaac Stout, Nehemiah Clark, Davis Mallory, Ryan Kehoe, Nick Brown, Adam King, Chris "CT" Tamburello

Other Females Cast - Diem Brown, Tori Hall, Jenn Grijalva, Paula Meronek, Kimberly Alexander, Ruthie Alcaide, Katie Doyle, Brooke LaBarbera, Robin Hibbard, Shauvon Torres

Memorable Moments

  • Before any challenges took place, Adam and CT were both disqualified from the competition after they engaged in a physical altercation. MJ and Nehemiah were brought in as replacements
  • Due to the odd number of contestants in the first round of the "Last Man Standing" challenge, Brad and Paula were each selected for immunity from the first Duel
  • In Episode 10, no challenge or Duel selection was held. Instead, the players had to decide who would compete in the final Duel. No player had immunity. Landon and Diem were voted into the Duel by the other players and challenged Brad and Brittini to the final Duel, respectively. The previous duel winners, Aneesa and Brad picked the cards for the final duels
  • Duel Eliminations - Ryan beat Nick; Aneesa beat Shauvon; Kimberly beat Robin; MJ beat Ryan; Brittini beat Brooke; Evan beat Davis; Jenn beat Katie; Evan beat Nehemiah; Landon beat Isaac; Kimberly beat Ruthie; Derek beat Eric; Jenn beat Kimberly; MJ beat Dunbar; Aneesa beat Paula; Evan beat Derek; Diem beat Jenn; Aneesa beat Tori; Brad beat MJ; Brad beat Landon; Brittini beat Diem

Final Challenge - A race where each player begins by riding on a jet boat and jumping off when it stops in the middle of the river.  Each player has to cross from one side of the river to the other.  The remainder of the course involves checkpoints reminiscent of each duel elimination. 
First Checkpoint (Spot on) - After running up a hill, each player has to complete a puzzle. 
Second Checkpoint (Duel Pole Dancing) -This is where players have to shimmy their way up to the top of the pole in order to unlock a mountain bike.  The players then ride their bikes up a mountain side to the next checkpoint. 
Third Checkpoint (Back off) - This is where players have to chain themselves to an iron ring and have to team up with a player of the opposite gender of their choice. 
Fourth Checkpoint (Push Over) - This is where each pair advances to where they must push a sled filled with dirt scross a line and remove the dirt to make the sled lighter.  Each player then retrieves a key to unlock themselves and run to the next checkpoint. 
Fifth Checkpoint (The Elevator) - This is where each player has to elevate themselves to the top of "The Duel" structure to retrieve a Maori carving, then sprint to the finish line

(Season 18) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Ruins

This season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge puts the Champions against the Challengers. The two teams compete in numerous missions, typically called challenges, in order to win cash, prizes and advance in the overall game. The winning team in each challenge receives a cash prize of $20,000, which is split evenly among the team members and placed in their individual bank accounts, as well as a bonus prize for each member of the team. Before every challenge however, the Champions and the Challengers each select three players of each gender within their team to be nominated for elimination. After the challenge, the six nominees from the winning team pick one guy and one girl among themselves, as well as a male-female pair from the losing team's nominees to battle against in the Ruins. In the Ruins, there are two events — one battle for each gender. The winners from each event get to stay in Phuket, and have a chance to compete for a share of $120,000 in the final challenge. The losers are eliminated from the game, and lose all of their prize money in their individual bank accounts to the event winners, though their bonus prizes are not affected

Host - T.J. Lavin

CHAMPS - (Champions) - Derrick Kosinski, Evan Starkman, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, Kenny Santucci, Susie Meister

RUNNER-UP - (Challengers) - KellyAnne Judd, Sarah Rice

Other Champions Cast - Darrell Taylor, Johanna Botta, Veronica Portillo, Syrus Yarbrough, Ibis Nieves, Wes Bergmann, Katie Doyle, Tonya Cooley, Evelyn Smith

Other Challengers Cast - Casey Cooper, Dunbar Merrill, Kimberly Alexander, Brad Fiorenza, Cohutta Grindstaff, Danny Jamieson, Adam King, Brianna Taylor, Nick Brown, Shauvon Torres, Diem Brown, Chet Cannon

Memorable Moments

  • Prior to the "On The Fence" challenge in Episode 8, Brad and Darrell were disqualified from the competition after Brad instigated Darrell into punching him multiple times. Brad ended up suffering a swollen eye and the money they earned was added to the final challenge total
  • Tonya was disqualified from the competition in Episode 4, after she slapped Veronica multiple times during a heated argument. The money that Tonya earned was added to the final challenge total
  • Shauvon withdrew from the game in Episode 2 after sustaining a severe chest injury during the "Swing On By" challenge. She did not earn any money prior to her departure
  • No male Ruins was held at the end of Episode 9, after all the men from the Challengers team had already been eliminated
  • Ruins Eliminations - Wes beat Chet; Tonya beat Diem; Wes beat Nick; KellyAnne beat Evelyn; Susie beat Brianna; Syrus beat Adam; Sarah beat Katie; Darrell beat Danny; Cohutta beat Wes; Kimberly beat Ibis; Cohutta beat Syrus; KellyAnne beat Veronica; Sarah beat Johanna; Darrell beat Cohutta; Susie beat Kimberly; Bananas beat Dunbar; Susie beat Casey

Final Challenge - This is a race between two teams that consists of a "Junction" where there are different colored paths to get to a checkpoint and collect a Thai artifact.  Collect all five artifacts to open a secret door to race to the finish line and win an additional $160,000 to split among the winning team members.  The first checkpoints is a "Bizarre Buffet" where each player must completely eat a series of five bizarre foods (Beetles, fried frog legs, stinky Thai fruit, red chilies, and crickets/grasshoppers).  The other checkpoints are a jigsaw puzzle, crawling through a mud pit and back, walk through a "shortcut" obstacle course with bamboo poles, and solving a difficult building blocks puzzle

Inferno II Champions