Real World vs Road Rules (The Early Seasons)

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(Season 1) Road Rules : All-Stars

Much like the original format of Road Rules, five alumni from past seasons of The Real World were brought together to participate in a series of missions as they traveled across the United States and New Zealand in a Winnebago. This season only consisted of cast members from The Real World, and was made up of a much smaller cast. Again as with Road Rules, all of the cast's cash and credit cards were confiscated for the duration of the series, and if the participants completed all the assignments, they would win a "handsome reward". At the end of the series, each cast member won a trip for two to Costa Rica

Host - (Mr. Big) David "Puck" Rainey

CAST - Cynthia Roberts, Eric Nies, Jon Brennan, Rachel Campos, Sean Duffy

Memorable Moments

  • In the first mission, the men played a prank on the girls by pretending to be ghosts by waving their flashlights and making eerie noises. Later, they stripped to their boxers and ran around the mental hospital
  • Rachel and Sean developed feelings for each other on the show. They would eventually get married and have nine children. Sean would go on to serve as district attorney of Ashland County, Wisconsin and the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 7th congressional district as a member of the Republican Party.
  • The cast stayed over at The Real World: Los Angeles alum Beth Stolarczyk's house where Beth proceeded to aggressively flirt with Sean, though Sean did not return her advances. Rachel later admitted that she was not bothered by the flirting and even enjoyed "watching Sean squirm"
  • The men had to create a soup made entirely of insects and feed it to the women. When Rachel and Cynthia discovered this, they were both horrified and disgusted with Cynthia threatening to leave the show
  • While competing in a "Zorbing" challenge, the ball Jon was in deflated and he was injured while Rachel won the final heat because Cynthia did not want to do it again
  • The cast gets to do improvisation with actress Mindy Sterling but also Cheryl Hines and Jennifer Coolidge make cameos in the final episode
  • Hookups - Rachel & Sean; Eric & Cynthia (rumored)

(Season 2) Real World / Road Rules Challenge

It is the first six-on-six Challenge in the series. The teams traveled via tour bus and RV starting in San Francisco, ending in Universal City, California, competing in different individual challenges. The winning team had the right to travel in a tour bus, while the losing team had to travel in an RV. Each time a team won an individual challenge, they won the right to spend time in a "money machine". The "money machine", set up outside Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California was a huge wind chamber that contained up to $50,000. Whatever the casts could keep on them, they were guaranteed to keep. This season also featured an additional challenge where the two teams competed over possession of a teddy bear. Whichever team had the teddy bear in their possession at an unknown, predetermined point in the challenge, would win the additional challenge

Host - (Mr. Big) David Edwards

CHAMPS - (Road Rules) - Anne Wharton, Kalle Dedolph, Kefla Hare, Mark Long, Noah Rickun, Roni Martin

RUNNER-UP - (Real World) - Beth Stolarczyk, Janet Choi, Jason Cornwell, Montana McGlynn, Nathan Blackburn, Neil Forrester

Memorable Moments

  • Beth sustained an injury in the Roller Derby Mission and went to the hospital with a bandaged ankle while the Real World team are hoping that she is sent home
  • The Real World team is stopped by a police officer because of the outlandish spraypaint on the Winnebego. After being let go, the Winnebego breaks down, forcing Real World to hitch a ride with Road Rules
  • Beth and Montana's reluctance to do the Bungee Jump Mission sparks an argument between Kefla and Roni and the Real World team. After the instructor had taken down, Janet returns and takes the leap, but it was not enough to win as Montana and Beth decided not to do the mission
  • Anne hurts her ankle on a trampoline and is forced to sit out the chamber, but Road Rules still manages to earn more money than Real World in the final mission
  • Road Rules loses to Kobe Bryant and Reggie Miller in a 2 vs 6 basketball game
  • Other Moments - Roller Derby Coach named Icebox; Syrus from Real World makes an appearance; Playboy mansion and Hugh Hefner; Teddy Bear Wars
  • Hookups - Kefla & Roni; Jason & Janet; Nathan & Kalle; Noah & Montana

(Season 3) Real World / Road Rules Challenge 2000

Real World/Road Rules Challenge 2000 is the second six-on-six The Challenge in the series. The teams traveled via tour bus starting in Las Vegas, Nevada then moving to the eastern U.S., ending in Miami, Florida after competing in different individual challenges. Each time a team won an individual challenge, they won $10,000. After each mission won, the winning team would invest those 10K in the product of their choice through E-Trade. At the end, the winning team also won any money won in the stock market. The last mission would be for the right to keep the money collected in the pot, an additional cash prize and a car. This season also featured an additional challenge where the two teams had to give up smoking for the duration of filming. If any cast member on either team were caught smoking, their cast would lose the additional challenge

Host - (Ms. Big) Gladys Sanabria

CHAMPS - (Road Rules) - Carlos "Los" Jackson, Dan Setzler, Holly Shand, Piggy Thomas, Veronica Portillo, Yes Duffy

RUNNER-UP - (Real World) - Amaya Brecher, David Burns, Heather Gardner, Kat Ogden, Mike Lambert, Tecumshea "Teck" Holmes III

Memorable Moments

  • The first challenge was a bungee jump off the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. The cast members had the decision to use a short-range bungee cord or use a mid-range bungee cord or use a long-range bungee cord that would purportedly break the world record for the "World Longest Bungee Jump". While David, Yes and Kat all attempted to break the world record, only Kat succeeded in doing so. Her feat, however, was never listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. All the other cast members jumped as well
  • Dan and Holly were in an unofficial relationship throughout filming. Although the two expressed a fond sentiment for each other, they never "hooked up". Dan later interviewed that while he was friends with Holly, the "pining romantic" angle was manufactured by the show, and in fact Holly spent part of the season trying to hook up with David
  • Amaya and Veronica developed a season-long fight that would culminate during a football game where Amaya took down Veronica. To the astonishment of fans who remembered their hatred here, they later became good friends, to the point where Veronica said she wouldn't vote Amaya out of a later Challenge when given the opportunity
  • Los and Piggy were constantly at each other's throats throughout the entire season, culminating in a challenge in Key West that would cost their team the individual challenge. That night, Piggy allegedly tries to hit Los, but the event is not captured on camera and Piggy is not sent home
  • The Real World team organized a fake mission to trick the Road Rules team while they were in Miami. They created a scavenger hunt, asked someone to present it, and convinced a reluctant Road Rules team to complete the mission; items on the list were to get buried in the sand, polish an old man's toes, and give someone a makeover at Sephora. Meanwhile, the Real Worlders partied in South Beach. The next morning, the Real Worlders revealed the truth, and presented the prize, a "box of suckers"
  • No team was declared the winner of the addition "Tobacco Free" challenge, as David and Piggy were caught smoking
  • Other Moments - Roy Jones Jr toy boxing game; Wheel of Wrestling hosted by Verne Troye; Los argues with Veronica and Piggy over Pizza; Redneck Games; Amaya had to bob for pigs feet which was against her religion; Amaya gets food poisoning and later sprains her ankle during the sky diving challenge
  • Hookups - Dan & Holly

(Season 4) Real World / Road Rules Extreme Challenge

Extreme Challenge consisted of the third and final six-on-six Challenge. The cast was split up into two different six-person teams, one representing The Real World and the other representing Road Rules. The teams traveled via tour bus in the eastern U.S. and Europe competing in different challenges. Each time a team won an individual challenge, money would be added to a team bank account. The last mission would be for the right to keep the money collected in the pot, an additional cash prize, and a car

Host - Various Alumni

CHAMPS - (Real World) - Dan Renzi, Jamie Murray, Julie Stoffer, Kameelah Phillips, Rebecca Lord, Syrus Yarbrough

RUNNER-UP - (Road Rules) - Christian Breivik, Emily Bailey, James Orlando, Laterrian Wallace, Michelle Parma, Susie Meister

Other Cast - Ayanna Mackins

Memorable Moments

  • Julie struggled with her college's decision to suspend her enrollment for a year due to her participation in the Real World
  • The Upright Citizens Brigade, including Amy Poehler, served as mayors and Tina Fey was a guest judge in the "No Laughing Matter" mission, in which the teams had to perform improv in front of a live audience
  • This was Michelle's last appearance on a Bunim/Murray show before being killed in a car crash one year later
  • A mission was hosted by LL Cool J and Chris Klein. That mission involved doing a stunt similar to those done in the 2002 film Rollerball, which was being filmed at the time. Christian won this mission, and ended up winning an uncredited cameo in the film
  • This was the first and only time there was a mission that was tested beforehand and the contestants got to it, but they couldn't do it because it proved to be dangerous and the producers nixed it at the last minute. The mission was a "human catapult" where there was no safety harness, just protective gear and a net to fall into. A tester broke their leg and another broke an arm
  • Susie replaced Ayanna in Episode 7 when the teams arrived in Boston. Ayanna physically attacked Christian in the Road Rules bus after Christian made a joke to Laterrian that Ayanna perceived to be racist. Though the cameras did not capture the incident, and Christian did not want to send Ayanna home, the producers asked Ayanna to leave in episode 6. Susie replaced Ayanna when their casts received their next clue at the Boston firehouse where the sixth season of the Real World took place
  • In episode 15, a dispute over the Operation Human Shield mission caused an intense argument between James and Syrus. Neither team was awarded $10,000 at the end of that mission, but in episode 16, both teams got the chance to defend their actions in court. Road Rules, with the exception of Laterrian, decides not to participate, so the judge granted the money to the Real World, although he acknowledged Laterrian for his admirable defense.   Laterrian was honored by the judge and received a small gavel as a token
  • Some of the clue voices were future challengers Theo Von, Flora Alekseyeun, Teck Holmes, Christina Pazsitzky, Gladys Sanabria, Jason Cornwell, Timmy Beggy and Chris Melling
  • Other Moments - James being a sore loser; Lobster eating; James loses bet to Dan and has to streak naked around the buses; Soccer with Brian McBride & Landon Donovan
  • Hookups - James & Rebecca

(Season 5) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : Battle Of The Seasons

This season of The Challenge features a new format. Separated into teams of Real World and Road Rules, each cast member is paired off with a castmate from their original season. Each mission gave points based on finish. After each mission, the players with the most points cumulative from each team became the "Inner Circle" and voted off whichever pair they wanted. The individual winning pair of each challenge would earn an "additional prize." After five pairs from each team were voted off, the final three Real World teams and final three Road Rules teams would compete against each other in a series of challenges before the final race, which would earn the winning teams $300,000 for themselves, $50,000 per teammate

Host - Eric Nies and Mark Long

CHAMPS - (Real World) - Mike Mizanin, Sean Duffy, Danny Roberts, Coral Smith, Elka Walker, Kelley Limp

RUNNER-UP - (Road Rules) - Theo Vonkurnatowski, Dan Setzler, Timmy Beggy, Holly Brenston, Tara McDaniel, Emily Bailey

Other Males Cast - Norman Korpi, Josh Florence, Mike Lambert, Adam Larson, Stephen Williams IV, Chris Melling, Mike Johnson, Chadwick Pelletier, Jon Brennan, Yes Duffy
Other Females Cast - Becky Blasband, Holly Shand, Flora Alekseyeum, Jisela Delgado, Lindsay Brien, Belou Den Tex, Sharon Gitau, Piggy Thomas, Beth Stolarczyk, Veronica Portillo

Memorable Moments

  • Belou was judged for bringing her infant child along to live in the Challenge household, who in turn, excoriated her fellow Road Rulers for questioning her competence as a mother
  • The Miz was originally supposed to be partnered with Lori Trespicio but did not go because of the events of 9/11 so Coral came instead
  • A hurricane stopped production and the cast had to be relocated to a hotel where they threw the toga party. Many events had to be thrown together due to the logistical turmoil brought by the storm
  • Veronica & Yes were voted off first by the Road Rules Inner Circle because they had decided to knock out stronger teams.  Timmy drew shortest straw to deliver the news to them
  • Although Holly B. and Chadwick had been advocates of the plan to vote off strong teams, when Chadwick and Piggy finished outside the Inner Circle, Holly suddenly decided that they should vote off the weakest team instead of the one that Chadwick (her husband) was on. The rest of the Inner Circle didn't like the hypocrisy and did end up voting out Chadwick and Piggy
  • The Real World teams and Road Rules teams all decided that whoever won the final challenge would split the money with the opposite team. The teams formulated contracts so each cast member would get a share of the prize money. Holly B. thought that this was stupid and thought that the Road Rules team was going to win, and indicated that she would not split her money with Coral. Consequently, when they lost Coral decided to keep her money and gloated over it
  • Other Moments - Nokia cell phones; Hurricane Juliette; Theo almost wipes out a scooter; Miz gets drunk and melts down over losing a mission
  • Music - "Tearing Away" by Drowning Pool (Miz's meltdown) - "Angels or Devils" by Dishwalla (End of season montage)
  • Hookups - Chadwick & Holly B (Married); Dan & Tara (Pre), Miz & Tara; Emily w/ James Orlando (Relationship); Theo & Coral; Theo & Becky
  • Eliminated Order - Jon & Beth; Yes & Veronica; Chadwick & Piggy; Mike J & Sharon; Stephen & Lindsay; Chris & Belou; Mike L & Flora; Adam & Jisela; Josh and Holly S; Norman & Becky

Final Challenge - The ultimate teams must delegate tasks for each team members to accomplish.  The finale is divided in a relay race to collect fish.  Once the teams collect their fish and solve their puzzle, they must climb a rope ladder to the top of a cliff and cross the finish line. 
Kayaking - Two teams will race on their kayaks to a bouy with a pair of fish hooked to a carabiner.  After unhooking their fish, they must kayak to the yacht. 
Free Dive - The two nxt teams will deep sea dive into the ocean and to retrieve their next set of fish and allow the next team to pass. 
Longboard - The final two teams will swim in tandem on a longboard, unhook their last set of fish from the bouy, and swim out to the beach shore. 
Fishticks Puzzle - After retrieving all of their fish, the teams will then stack them from the smallest fish to the largest fish and transfer them from one end of a stick to another.  Once completed, the team may advance to the rope ladder and cross the finish line

(Season 6) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : Battle Of The Sexes

This season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge features the same format as Battle of the Seasons, but instead of dividing teams by Real World and Road Rules teams, they are instead divided by gender. Each mission gave points based on finish, either with a partner or individually. After each mission, the players with the most points cumulative from each team became the "Inner Circle" and voted off whoever they wanted to. The winner of each challenge would earn a "lifesaver" which could be given to a member of either team; the recipient of the "lifesaver" would enjoy total immunity from being voted out, which created many interesting situations. After thirty people were voted off, fifteen for both genders, the final three Girls and final three Guys would compete against each other in a final race, earning $150,000 for themselves, $50,000 per teammate

Host - Jonny Moseley

CHAMPS - (Males) - Mark Long, Colin Mortenson, Jamie Murray

RUNNER-UP - (Females) - Ruthie Alcaide, Ellen Cho, Lori Trespicio

Other Males Cast - Antoine de Bouverie, Shane Landrum, James Orlando, Eric Nies, Blair Herter, Syrus Yarbrough, Theo Gantt, Jake Bronstein, Dan Renzi, David "Puck Rainey, Yes Duffy, David Broom, Eric Jones, Laterrian Wallace, David Edwards
Other Females Cast - Melissa Howard, Genesis Moss, Emily Bailey, Anne Wharton, Ayanna Mackins, Veronica Portillo, Christina Pazsitzky, Tonya Cooley, Aneesa Ferreira, Rachel Robinson, Amaya Brecher, Jisela Delgado, Gladys Sanabria, Beth Stolarczyk, Julie Stoffer

Memorable Moments

  • The Battle of the Sexes Theme intro was "Let Go" by Midtown
  • David E. quit the game on the first episode after coming into conflict with Puck, who had suggested David to be eliminated by the Inner Circle. David, who was already offended by Puck spitting on him, chose to leave the game
  • Gladys was pregnant and was ultimately voted off third because of it. She was also forbidden to partake in the Dead Man's Drop mission, after hanging upside down could do substantial harm to her unborn child
  • Rachel was voted off by the Inner Circle (consisting of Ellen, Emily, and Ruthie) in the sixth episode, which many believed to be unfair since she did not have the lowest score on the scoreboard. She then proceeded to deliver a rant in which she declared, "This game is ugly, the inner circle is ugly, and I don't want to be a part of it anymore"
  • A feud erupted between Veronica and Emily after Veronica allegedly slept with Emily's boyfriend James while he was helping her move into her apartment
  • Puck married his girlfriend, Betty, and mother of his infant son, Bogart, during the show. A special episode was aired that depicted the wedding, without any challenges or eliminations. Ellen, Tonya, Melissa, and Amaya were the only players in the game at that point who did not attend the wedding, abstaining out of protest because of the way Puck treated the women
  • Emily's plotting against people that she did not like caused a large amount of controversy and resulted in both Rachel and Veronica's eliminations. Ellen and Ruthie would take most of the heat for these decisions, which made them very upset. Emily would later quit the show after her boyfriend, James, was voted off
  • Several of the women refused to participate in the "Battle of the Opposite Sexes" mission after they were insulted at the prospect of taking off their clothes, even though the rules stated they only had to remove an article of clothing if they answered a question incorrectly
  • Had Antoine simply completed the "Maximum Velocity" mission, he would have made it to the final mission and shared in the $150,000 prize with the men. However, he DQ'ed, allowing Jamie the final spot
  • In Episode 9, Puck left the show because his wife was being detained so Dan was brought back after being voted off only to get voted off again
  • Other Moments - T-Mobile Sidekick; "Nice Boner" Priceless
  • Hookups - Ayanna & David B; Emily & James (Couple); Veronica & Eric; Colin & Melissa
  • Eliminated Order - David E, Julie, Beth, Laterrian, Gladys, Eric J, David B, Jisela, Amaya, Yes, Puck, Rachel, Dan, Aneesa, Tonya, Jake, Christina, Theo, Syrus, Veronica, Ayanna, Blair, Eric N, Anne, Emily, James, Genesis, Shane, Melissa, Antoine

Final Challenge - A Final race called It Takes Three that was split into three sections.  After each section, the last person grabs a flag to bring with them as you can't go to the next section without the flag and the first team to cross the finish line with all the flags wins.  The three sections were Tr-Ski Slalom, Block by Block Brain Teaser, and the Pole Cat.  The Pole Cat consisted of a cargo net, Bridging the gap using planks, and ziplining down into water to swim to grab the final flag then racing to the beach to the finish line

(Season 7) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet featured 28 castmates competing in missions with an immunity life-saver awarded to the best individual performer. Each team would then select a player from their team to go into the Gauntlet elimination challenge

Host - Jonny Moseley

CHAMPS - (Road Rules) - Adam Larson, Cara Zavaleta, Darrell Taylor, Dave Giuntoli, Rachel Robinson, Roni Martin, Sarah Greyson, Theo Vonkurnatowski, Veronica Portillo

RUNNER-UP - (Real World) - Alton Williams, Coral Smith, Mike "Miz" Mizanin, Nathan Blackburn, Norman Korpi

Other Road Rules Cast - Abram Boise, Laterrian Wallace, Steve Meinke, Tina Barta, Katie Doyle
Other Real World Cast - Theo Gantt, Irulan Wilson, Rachel Braband, Trishelle Cannatella, Elka Walker, Matt Smith, Tonya Cooley, Montana McGlynn, David Broom

Memorable Moments

  • Before the final challenge, Coral was bitten by a spider, resulting in an allergic reaction. After struggling, she quit, penalizing the already lagging Real World team. The Challenge crew stepped in when they noticed Coral was having trouble breathing. She was airlifted to the nearest hospital where she was treated in the ER
  • Trishelle suffered a bicycle accident and needed to be taken to the hospital. She suffered minor injuries, but was able to continue. She spent two episodes in bandages
  • Theme song for the intro was a remix of "Donkey Song" and "White Trash Superstar" by ill Kid
  • Sarah Greyson, who was eliminated from the Campus Crawl season of Road Rules, was seen as a weak link and nominated to the Gauntlet five times. She won the Gauntlet all five times, and ultimately shared in the overall win with the rest of the Road Rules team
  • After Abram was defeated by Mike in the Gauntlet, he engaged in a threesome with Rachel and Veronica. Coral was invited, but declined
  • Mike and Trishelle entered a relationship on the challenge, creating tension between them, Coral, and the rest of the team. Mike would vote Coral to the Gaunltet multiple times over perceived weak link Trishelle
  • Katie snapped at Veronica following her Gauntlet win, believing she played a role in her being voted in. This would lead to the mutual animosity displayed between the two on The Inferno
  • After accidentally knocking Sarah off the rolling pin at the "Rolling on a River" mission, Laterrian refused to accept responsibility during the team deliberation, ultimately making Sarah seem to be at fault, which led to her being voted into the gauntlet once again
  • Viewing the girls as weaker is a Challenge staple and was originally mentioned by Adam Larson as he wanted to get rid of the girls on the Road Rules team
  • Other Moments - Mike (The Miz) and Abram (Mini Miz) wrestling; Miz voted in Coral damaging their friendship; Snake Soup
  • Music - "Send the Pain Below" by Chevelle (Sarah in elimination against her friend Rachel B)
  • Hookups - Cara Z & Dave (Couple); Alton & Irulan (Couple); Adam & Trishelle (Pre); Miz & Trishelle
  • Gauntlet Eliminations - Sarah beat David B; Katie beat Montana; Steve beat Tonya; Rachel B beat Katie; Coral beat Tina; Sarah beat Matt; Cara beat Elka; Trishelle beat Steve; Sarah beat Trishelle; Sarah beat Rachel B; Alton beat Laterrian; Mike beat Abram; Sarah beat Irulan; Cara beat Theo G
  • Most Anticipated Elimination - (Knock Your Block Off) - Miz vs Mini Miz as Mike took on Abram and defeated him which swung the momentum in Real World's favor

Final Challenge - There are seven obstacles on a 4-mile race to retrieve puzzle pieces at each obstacle starting with a 1.3 mile uphill climb. 
Gold Block - Climb a 12 foot wall. 
Cash Crawl - Crawl under a big cargo net. 
Gold Digger - Dig to get out a lockbox. 
Dough-Nut - Climb through a raised tire. 
Loop The Loop - Retrieve two gold pieces in the middle of a pond using a rope. 
Goldie-Locks - Figure out a three digit combination using a licence plate on a Saturn car. 
Gold Bar - Put the puzzle together using all your puzzle pieces

(Season 8) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : The Inferno

The season was composed of twenty cast members, and took place in Acapulco, Mexico. In this challenge, the winning teams would receive a prize at the end of each mission. They would then nominate two players from their team to the Inferno elimination challenge. Unlike The Gauntlet, there would be another challenge with an immunity life-saver up for grabs before the Inferno. Each team then selected one of the two nominees from the opposing team to go into the Inferno

Host - Dave Mirra

CHAMPS - (Road Rules) - Abram Boise, Christena Pyle, Darrell Taylor, Holly Shand, Katie Doyle, Kendal Sheppard, Timmy Beggy, Veronica Portillo

RUNNER-UP - (Real World) - Coral Smith, Chris "CT" Tamburello, Mike "Miz" Mizanin, Syrus Yarbrough

Other Road Rules Cast - Shane Landrum, Jeremy Blossom
Other Real World Cast - David Burns, Leah Gillingwater, Julie Stoffer, Mallory Snyder, Trishelle Cannatella, Ace Amerson

Memorable Moments

  • Piggy Thomas from Road Rules arrived to compete in The Inferno and can be seen in both footage and photos from the cast's arrival. Soon after arriving, she left to go home and was consequently never mentioned. Christena was flown in to replace her. The title credits reflect this, as they were filmed when Piggy was there and Christena's scenes were shot later. The official reason for her departure has been cited as "family reasons", but according to Norman Korpi's website she had an OD
  • CT used his life-saver to save his friend David, then sent Shane home in the Inferno.  Veronica stated "CT, we're not going to be able to see your six-pack after eating those cookies".  CT replied "You're not going to be able to see Shane after all these cookies"
  • A feud broke out between Katie and Veronica, and there was tension between the two throughout the entire show. The rivalry culminated in a very heated shouting match the night before the final mission, and the two almost came to blows
  • Being fed up with what she perceived as bullying, Julie lashed out at Coral and challenged her to a wrestling match, to which Coral remarked, "I don't wrestle, I fucking beat bitches up!
  • The first mission had the challengers on a zipline. In an attempt to secure a Real World win, Julie began to yank on Veronica's safety harness, sending Veronica and the rest of the challengers into a panic
  • Coral became infuriated with her team when they forced her to pick Veronica for the final Inferno. She won the Life Saver at the next challenge, sparing herself from the inferno while Veronica won the Life Saver and threw in Katie
  • CT bluntly told Leah she was a weak player and that they would do whatever necessary to send her home before the final, which hurt Leah's feelings. CT eventually assisted in the scheme to get David the Life Saver, and Leah was successfully ousted from the game
  • Other Moments - Trishelle acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend; Yellowcard plays during "Wreck N' Roll" mission; Timmy coining "trimming the fat"; Timmy speaking like Howard Cosell; Katie puts Timmy's "deoderant" on her armpits but it ends up being Ultra Heat rub; Julie pees in Coral's bed as revenge
  • Hookups - Ace & Mallory (Pre); Miz & Kendal; Darrell & Leah; Miz & Christena; David & Veronica
  • Inferno Eliminations - Jeremy beat Ace; Holly beat Trishelle; Mike beat Jeremy; Christena beat Mallory; CT beat Shane; Katie beat Julie; Kendal beat Leah; Katie beat David

Final Challenge - Final mission is a Seven Deadly Sins race as lust, wrath, gluttony, envy, greed, pride, and sloth are the themes for the different challenges within the race.  They start racing while being hand cuffed together and eventually find a pinata which they must hit to finds toys and one of them has a key in it.  Once done they race to go eat a bunch of taquitos and then they have to climb a cargo rope.  They finally make it to a crossword puzzle that contains things they might have encountered in other missions.  Once completed, they can race to the finish line 

(Season 9) Real World / Road Rules Challenge : Battle Of The Sexes 2

The season took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Before each challenge, each team would choose three leaders. If the team won, those three leaders would form the inner circle and decide whom to vote from their team; if the team lost, the rest of the team would form the inner circle and vote off one of their three leaders. No life-shields were used during this season

Host - Jonny Moseley

CHAMPS - (Males) - Dan Setzler, Eric Nies, Theo Vonkurnatowski

RUNNER-UP - (Females) - Arissa Hill, Coral Smith, Sophia Pasquis

Other Males Cast - Mark Long, Brad Fiorenza, Shane Landrum, Stephen Hill, Randy Barry, Frank Roessler, Nick Haggart, Chris Graebe, Mike "Miz" Mizanin, Shawn Sealy, Derrick Kosinski, Abram Boise, Adam King, Ace Amerson, Jacquese Smith
Other Females Cast - Tina Barta, Ruthie Alcaide, Robin Hibbard, Tonya Cooley, Ibis Nieves, Veronica Portillo, Aneesa Ferreira, Katie Doyle, Rachel Robinson, Angela Trimbur, Cynthia Roberts, Ayanna Mackins, Kina Dean, Cameron Eubanks, Genesis Moss

Memorable Moments

  • After being voted off, Ayanna delivered an unintentionally humorous dramatic diatribe
  • Steven slapped teammate Shane during a tense confrontation during a challenge, violating the rule against physical violence. Steven apologized to Shane immediately after the incident, but was still sent home, much to Shane's dismay because he felt Steven had said he was sorry and did not deserve to go home. This was the second ejection to happen in Challenge history
  • The men's team deliberately lost a challenge, choosing to sacrifice Mark in order to guarantee Arissa, who was considered weak, a spot in the final challenge in order to ensure victory
  • Mark began a relationship with Robin and possibly Tonya. This laid the seed for the intense animosity that Robin expressed toward Tonya in the Inferno II
  • Coral convinced Arissa to team up with her and vote off Ruthie to ensure herself a spot in the final challenge. When the inner circle had to announce who they had decided to send home, Sophia interrupted Coral and in tears, sent her best friend home
  • Tonya and Tina had a short-lived argument, which led to a rivalry throughout the Inferno 2 and Fresh Meat challenges
  • Other Moments - Drunk Derrick run over by a Golf Cart; Prank Wars as the girls stole one of the guys Massage Chairs so Abram stole all the girls toilet seats; Ayanna slept in her uniform speech; High Noon Paintball showdown; Chris left to get married but returned to keep competing; Kina stole Eric's jump rope
  • Hookups - Abram & Coral; Theo & Tonya; Angela & Frank; Nick & Shane; Mark & Robin; Brad & Veronica
  • Eliminated Order - Jacquese, Genesis, Cameron, Ace, Adam, Kina, Abram, Ayanna, Derrick, Cynthia; Shawn; Angela; Mike, Rachel, Chris, Katie, Aneesa, Nick, Frank, Veronica, Randy, Ibis, Tonya, Shane, Robin, Brad, Ruthie, Tina, Mark

Final Challenge - Called Escape from Sante Fe,  the finalists will skydive from a plane and land in their respected drop zones to retrieve GPS locators and search out three keys.  Each key will unlock a box that holds dog tags that you were put around your neck
Key 1 - Crawl under barb wire while searching for the key
Key 2 - Untie knots in a rope to slide the key to the end of the rope
Key 3 - Search through piles of hay to find the key
Once you find all three dog tags, you run to the final spot to do a memory game showing all the eliminated challengers and what shows they were on.  The first team to solve the puzzle and ring the bell are the winners